Traditional Sex Therapy

Engaging in traditional sex therapy is a dynamic and effective process for every individual and couple motivated to improve sexual functioning and intimacy. All you need to bring to our sessions is openness, honesty and a commitment to negotiating change.

From a clinical perspective, the therapist can help you address a broad spectrum of personal and relationship sexual issues and challenges. These include:

Differences in sexual desire or arousal between partners
Inability to achieve orgasm (female anorgasmia or male inhibited ejaculation)
Sexual addiction, compulsive behaviors, cybersex/pornography
Recovery from PTSD, prostitution, sexual trafficking victimization
Infidelity and intimacy recovery
Polyamory and alternative sexual lifestyles
LGBTQ orientations and relationships
Sex-positive health and aging, performance anxiety, erectile dysfunction (ED)
Sexual rediscovery and connection following years of conflict
Communicating, trusting, touching and experiencing pleasure with yourself and/or a partner

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