Sex Addiction Recovery from a Woman’s Perspective

Recovery From Betrayal of Trust

Recent discovery that your partner has a sex addiction or is having an affair results in trauma and a profound sense of betrayal. Regardless of the cause or nature of the deception, every form of infidelity has a recovery curve for the affected partner. Whether you are dealing with serious addictive behavior, a single indiscretion, or an extended affair – the common denominator is “betrayal.”

Spousal betrayal is a unique form of trauma. When you learn that your perception of reality is not consistent with the truth- it literally rocks your world – in a painful manner. The foundation of your intimate relationship, your sense of commitment, safety and security is forever altered. Some of the symptoms you may experience are shame, remorse, self-doubt, anxiety, intrusive thoughts and images. It becomes hard to concentrate, eat, sleep and feel or behave normally.

Recovery from betrayal is a major component of the treatment process.

Before any healing of the relationship can occur, the affected partner needs time to deal with the lying, broken promises and loss of trust. The decision to rebuild or to dissolve the relationship is a complex and challenging process. In therapy you seek answers to tough questions: Should I stay or should I go? How can I learn to trust again? How much detail and disclosure about the betrayal do I need? The woman therapist partner with both women and men to confront the challenges presented by addiction or related infidelity and to rebuild and recover from the effects of betrayal.

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